The purpose of my work is to inspire and support people in their personal and professional life upon THEIR INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY. I strive to help my clients to recognize and utilize their unique skillsets and potentials in order to create prosperity, fulfillment and happiness in their lives, their organizations and the lives of others .

To reach these goals with individual or corporate clients, I employ a method called Co-Active coaching. I also work with teams and organizations, utilizing the format of team coaching, experiential training and strategic workshops based on coaching principles stemming from my leadership and enterpreneurial experience.

Dagmar Kéryová, CPCC; medzinárodne certifikovaný kouč, tréner, facilitátor
Dagmar Kéryová Navštívte Mysliteľňu - tvorivý priestor s facilitačnými pomôckami a službami pre vaše tímy a s ponukou otvorených tréningov