Individual coaching

In the last decade, coaching became one of the most effective methods of people development. In Slovakia, coaching is still used more in the domain of corporations and managers, but world-wide it represents a very powerful tool for individuals who strive to live truly fulfilling life.

Coaching is highly sought after by people who want to bring a positive change into their lives and to set and accomplish their goals. It is also pursued by those who have experienced a significant life-changing event and need to find ways to cope and a new direction.

What does coaching look like
The coaching process begins with an initial session where the client defines their goals and together with the coach determines a strategy for working together.

We continue with a first coaching session, where the client, with the help of the coach, starts to increase the awareness of who they are, what are their guiding values and beliefs in life, what are their dreams and desires. More coaching sessions follow. Every time, the client and coach take around 60 minutes or less, working on a theme introduced by the client. In order to perceive results, it is necessary to do at least 6 coaching sessions during a period of three months.

It is vital to experience coaching first hand, rather than just to read about it. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to schedule a free coaching session with me.

Why did my clients decide for private one-on-one coaching?
My clients are people who come on their own accord – with or without being nominated into coaching process by their supervisor or HR manager. They have decided to take the initiative and work on their personal development. More than two thirds pf clients are interested in professional development. Work is a very important part of our lives. When we work, we can change the world around us, we create and express our personality, which can be very fulfilling in itself. However, if we are not fulfilled in other parts of our lives such as family or relationships, we do not have the appropriate foundation to be able to perform to our full potential. Many people start coaching because they are not satisfied with their current job and they don’t know what would both fulfill and sustain them (many people come with a conviction that what fulfills them would not be profitable).

Lot of my clients have their own businesses and at the same time want to live their lives to the fullest, spend time with their families and devote themselves to their hobbies. They are looking for a balance between their work and other aspects of their lives.
Others would like their work to be more efficient and profitable.

Work that is challenging and exciting paradoxically negatively affected their personal lives and shifted their values. They come to find their center and live life according to their principles as opposed to what is perceived as “normal”.

The coaching process is not just about growing and reaching goal after goal. Sometimes it is important to accept what comes our way if are unable to influence it.