Leadership programs

It happens very often, that my clients need to realize fast and fundamental changes in order to reach desired outcomes, in the current turbulent social and economic times.


Clients need to find new business routes, be more productive, focus on the activities that will bring profit. They need to improve the performance of their employees- managers, but they do not possess the time and financial resources needed for the traditional trainings.They need to delegate tasks and responsibility to their team members. They need motivate their coworkers in the long term.


I created complex program for managers on long term basis. Participants are in this process several months and in every training unit they create own tasks how to implement new skills in their working environment. The training is based on coaching principle and builds on practical experience of the group. The program includes on job coaching or individual coaching too. I suggest complete the program with development center and prepare for every participant individual development plan.



LKW Komponenten- member of the group MAN – program delivered for WIFI International

MIBA Sinter Slovakia – 2-years program delivered for WIFI International

Chateau Amadé