Coaching in organizations

Also in Slovakia, it is becoming a common practice for a manager to have a coach. Coaching helps to build the leadership competencies necessary for survival and prosperity of an organization in times when many things change and managers and leaders cannot operate the usual way. Individual coaching brings an overview to the managers, increases their ability to think strategically, as well as improves their soft skills.  Coached manager is able to access a problem at a deeper level, listen more openly, solve critical situations and rise above the everyday routine that binds them and does not allow them to see the big picture.

Coaching process

My approach to the client is always the same. The only difference when working in a business environment, is that a third person- representative of the organization, takes part of setting the aims of coaching. Focus of the coaching and expected results are thus formed as a trilateral agreement.

How to choose your coach

1. verify the professional qualification of the coach, eventually even their practical experience in the area of management

2. arrange a meeting- a sample session, to find out whether it is someone you could trust and communicate openly with